mandag 28. juli 2008

these however...

Thigh-high boots from Jimmy Choo (Hampton-boots). It's however crucial how you style these if you don't want to look like a Pretty Woman-wannabe. Or worse Mariah Carey...

no! no! no! no! no! no! no! no!

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw these... I think they must be the ugliest things I've seen in my life.

The apple...

... doesn't fall far from the tree. Papa Krawitz and his beautiful daughter Zoe.

fredag 25. juli 2008

Mr Dylan

onsdag 23. juli 2008


I've seen in a few other blogs that they've written about the netshop and off course I had to check it out! These are some of the things I wouldn't mind clicking home... I've craved the wedges from Nine West all summer, but they're sold out in my size. These from forever21 are so similar and a bargain at 25$. How can I resist?

nice hat


It's finally some summerdays in Oslo. And I have had the best two days. Yesterday I was out on one of the islands with four of my friends, bathing and barbequing. Today I've been to the park with two other friends. Nothing beats Norway in the summer (when the sun finally decides to show us some mercy)

søndag 20. juli 2008

Just because she is so good


Erin Wasson has a great personal style, and is one om my influences when I dress for my private life.

running away

Don't you just sometimes want to run away from everything? I know I do...


Lazy weekend. I was out drinking on friday had a great time! On saturday I met up with family for a sightseeing at the new opera-house and then went for dinner. At night I was supposed to meet up with friends for drinks but I opted for a night in front of the Tv instead. I bought the film Sweeney Todd with my favourite, Johnny Depp. I like the Tim Burton movies and this was no exception. And today I've just been inside, finished the unpacking of boxes and lounging on the sofa. A perfect sunday! So I'm in my sweats and there's nothing glamourus about me today...

The rain is pooring down outside and it's time to start on The Sopranos season 6.

torsdag 17. juli 2008

A new life

A new job, a new flat, a new life in all aspects... but especially positive I can't say that it is.
Not yet anyway.

On a more superficial note I've shopped a lot the last month. The hooded leather-jacket I've been looking for, Nudie-jeans, Acne Pistols boots are ordered in, lots of tops, cardigans, furniture and so on. Retail-therapy...