onsdag 27. august 2008

Or this

I wouldn't mind this one from Marchesa either...

Natalie Portman


I'm going to a galla in a couple of weeks and is desperatelly seeking for a dress. It's the worst thing to go shopping for. So if anyone feels like being a good samaritan and send me one of these from Oscar de la Renta (the black one) or Temperley London (the pink one) it'll be much appreciated;)


Maybe the last time I write about these because now they're mine!!! I love them... Went on a serious shoppingspree and now it's noodles for the next two weeks:)

lørdag 23. august 2008

tirsdag 12. august 2008

Dangerous Liaisons

The classic film Dangerous Liaisons is on Tv now, and the fantastic cast (- Keanu Reeves), the plot and the amazing period costumes makes this movie worth seeing again.


This is perhaps the most beautiful woman I have ever seen...

Red hot


1. A Caribbean dream for a month or two

2. A large Chanel quilted bag

3. A walk-in-closet the size of mye current flat

4. The wardrobes of Kate, Nicole, The Olsens, Sienna and Keira.

5. A navy newsboycap

6. Fendi Twin bag

7. A driver's licence and a vintage Fiat

8. A trip to Paris

9. Acne Pistols....

Sometimes it's fun to think of all the things you could have if you could snap your fingers or if you had a magic lamp or something. I know it's juvenile and selfish, but hey, a girl can dream can't she?! These are the 9 things I could come up with for now...

Neon gorgeous

Vacation blues

I've just come home from a week in Greece, and it's so wonderful to have a week where you do absolutely nothing but lay in the sun, eat the good food and sleep. And you feel so fresh with the tan, sunbleached hair and smooth skin. I'll go back to work next monday but first I'll get well from the obligatory vacation-cold and then just lounge around for a few days.

mandag 11. august 2008

I find so much inspiration looking at 'streetstyle-pictures' and found this wonderful blog from Paris, c'est tres chic'. These pictures are from this blog and all show the kind of vibe I aspire in my own style. So check out Styleandthecity.com!

fredag 1. august 2008

it's here!

I've blogged about Ashley Olsens vintage Fendi bag before and now Fendi has decided to relaunch it. It's not in crocodile but plain black leather. But it looks good this way too. You cand find it here: www.eluxury.com