mandag 29. desember 2008

New Year

I need a dress for New Years eve, maybe I should call Mary-Kate and ask to borrow this?!

A new favourite

If you haven't seen the show True Blood you have to see it!!! I think the episodes are on Youtube...

M-K in Italian Vogue

søndag 28. desember 2008

Ebay mania II

...for these three items so cross your fingers I'll get them. No matter if my VISA bleeds;)
Update: I got all three of them:)

Ebay mania

Just staying home at night for a couple of days can be dangerous for my VISA-card, because before you know it you bought so much from Ebay. Thank God it's cheap:) Anyhow here's pictures from my latest purchases. You like? I also have a couple of bids in...
Update: The black boots have arrived but I'm not sure I really like them... hmmm